Composable Communities: How Partnerships Grow Personal Token Value

Alex MasmejFeaturedSep 25, 2020

Alex Masmej This is a guest post featuring Alex Masmej, creator of $ALEX in a FF exclusive

All social tokens have the same thing in common: their holders are publicly verifiable. It is safe to assume that owning a social token is a good indicator of support. That means that you can track any project or individual’s community easily. Because of this, tons of opportunities arise to create positive-sum games between two (or more) social tokens.

Let’s explore some of the many ways social tokens can collaborate to create more value together.

$ALEX + $WHALE: give your token to the other’s community

Alex x Whale
Last month, I did a partnership with $WHALE, the community owned NFT vault. Whaleshark, their anonymous leader, gave 4,000 of their tokens to $ALEX liquidity providers. In exchange, I gave 50,000 of my tokens to the $WHALE vault, increasing the value for all of their holders.

Our partnership was simple, we both gave token gifts to each other’s community. Beyond the tokens, we also had appearances on each other communities: I appeared on $WHALE Discord for an AMA, and so did Whaleshark on my $ALEX Telegram group chat. The desired outcome is that now, each community is aware of the other.

Alex x Whale ALEX/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap Exchange.

It’s a new sort of cross-marketing collaboration, except all of the value is given to the fans instead of advertisers.

Give 1 $MAGIC, get the tweet by $PEW

Ameen Soleimani and Peter Pan are friends. $PEW was a token created by Ameen to tweet from his Twitter account. $MAGIC was Peter’s token redeemable for one hour of his time.

For a short time, Ameen started to accept $MAGIC for a tweet, in addition to accepting his regular token. That increased the utility value of $MAGIC, and immutably cemented their friendship.

Social Token Aggregators

Another simple form of partnership is having a shared credential between them. Many tokens were issued by Roll for instance, which is in private beta, meaning only selected people can get tokenized.

Seed Club, a social token incubator, also acts as a curator that gives credibility to social tokens it works with and encourages them to collaborate.

In the near future, we could expect a social token Index, where one $BASKET could have many underlying tokens. The social tokens coming forward with the index show that they are comfortable to be seen tied together. Furthermore, beyond having a basket of social tokens, you could have a group of social tokens in a basket that all collaborate to create value together. This is something that SeedClub could consider.

In conclusion, anything where:

1. Value is shared between communities
2. A token gives utility to another
3. Tokens are tied together
have endless possibilities of potential partnerships.

I’m super excited about the future of the space and looking forward to all sort of partnerships! If you want to partner with $ALEX, hit me up on twitter⚡️

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