Music Meets Blockchain

Connie DigitalMetaverseAug 25, 2020

Music meets blockchain

This is a guest summary post featuring visual and recording artist Connie Digital original post - "Music Meets Blockchain: Mighty33 Details His Upcoming Album Release."

Ethereum is enabling creators to have true digital ownership over their works. From user-owned virtual worlds; to digital art; to music streaming and beyond, Web3 is forever changing the way creators distribute and monetize content.

In a recent interview, visual and recording artist Connie Digital spoke with composer Mighty33 (member of geniuscorp) who is using distributed ledger technology to drop his new album, "Others Die".

Here’s what he had to say about Web3 and how it relates to music.

"Over time, I think the music industry will slowly self-re-organize to a fair and transparent ecosystem...Smart-contracts and metadata are at the core of the process; allowing for efficient, self-executable sales/royalties tracking in real-time. This means everyone involved in the project can receive their proper cut and don't ever have to worry about not being paid. This upcoming release is aimed at enlightening the industry about 2020's possibilities for an artist/label to organize their music business with the blockchain—setting a level playing field."

Due out in September, "Others Die" features guest appearances from Connie Digital, Vandal of DAO Records, Unknown Mizery, Raion.K, Kat Galie and Renegade.

Learn about the album concept, where you’ll be able to listen, plans for the Metaverse and more in the full interview on Culture Pledge.

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