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ForefrontAnnouncementApr 24, 2021
ForefrontBetter content through community ownership.

Social tokens dramatically lower the cost of implementing community ownership. Their flexibility means they can leverage that ownership to align communities to long-term value of all kinds; whether that value is curating collections of art, establishing decentralized systems of governance, or something else.

Forefront’s mission is to be the leading platform for insight across the social token community. We believe that a key opportunity for social tokens is to allow communities to collaboratively build and own content platforms. There are a number of reasons for that, including:

  • Critical aspects of content production, such as editing, are undervalued in traditional models. Tokens can help incentivize collaboration.
  • The best content builds value that lasts over long time horizons. Tokens align creators to long-term platform value rather than short term transactions or clickbait.

A few weeks ago, we launched $FF, the first step to transitioning Forefront to community ownership. The reason is simple — the best way to represent and foster collaboration from across the broader token community is to be owned by that community. Over a two week period the initial airdrop was claimed by 1298 addresses that had been active in the communities already listed on Forefront at the time of launch.


Now, we’re announcing the first of many ways to allow the Forefront community to earn $FF by continuing to contribute outstanding content to the platform and for being active in the community.

Forefront Writers Program

Earn $FF by writing content on social tokens related topics.

One of the key goals for the $FF is to incentivize thought leaders to continue contributing great writing to Forefront. We will continue to cover all of the topics relevant to the social token community: token innovation, the creator economy, crypto social, NFTs, DAOs, etc.

Within these topics, we will first focus on two main values:

  • Education and insights, helping people understand the core concepts they need to start or continue investing value into the social token community.
  • Thought leadership, inspiring further innovation across the token landscape.

The writing program will start on April 26th. Writers will receive an allocation of 100-400 $FF for every accepted piece. We will also allocate $FF to editors and those who refer writers. For the full details on the specifics, see here.

Forefront Creative Challenge

In addition to the writers program, we’re also excited to announce our first creative challenge. The Creative Challenge is an open challenge to creators and artists to create content, in any expression medium they prefer, on topics related to social tokens and creator economy. We are offering 4500 $FF for top submissions and a chance to have their work added to FF DAO NFT Gallery.

The competition will start on April 26th and run for a period of 8 days (ending on May 4th at 11PM UTC). For full details on the specifics and how to participate, see here.

Learn more

Thanks for reading and being a part of the FF community. If you have any questions join our community discord and leave your questions in the #ffchallege channel.

Read the contest details in our community forum and follow us on twitter for further updates.


Forefront token holds no inherent value. It will launch with the sole use case of being used for governance and curation. Learn more here.

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