W/ Brian Flynn - Creators as a crypto primitive

ForefrontGuestAug 12, 2020

Bryan This is a guest highlight post featuring creator Bryan Flynn post "Creators as a crypto primitive". Summarized by our algo editor with a little human touch.

With the recent Twitter Hack, the rush to build the next open platform for creators has been accelerated by a year by crypto teams. We need, more than ever, a place for creators to earn while being able to bring their audiences with them. A place for creators to earn, and fans to speculate.

Zora and Foundation are the first types of applications that brings creators into crypto with redeemable goods. I believe that while redeemable tokens are the first stage, we’re about to encounter a second stage of applications (with the caveat that we figure out high scalability & high throughput) that can bring even more creators into crypto with their audiences.

Creators will no longer serve platforms like they do today in web2, but the web3 platforms will serve creators. Developers will offer the tools for creators to monetize, similar to that of Substack for newsletter and Anchor for podcasts.

Creators want stans, not fans.

Most creators want to build businesses after they build their initial distribution, but don’t know what to build. Projects like ZebraIQ help creators identify core members of their community through surveys. The "superfans" are the most interesting for developers because they are the new creator agent. Developers will work with the superfans who have upside to figure out what to build for the creator.

We’ve created the money legos to make it possible and have platforms become entirely community-owned. The only thing we’re missing is the application that will drive consumers and creators into crypto.

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