Producer and artist Harrison First launches $FIRST social money and $FIRST generation club

ForefrontBreakingAug 20, 2020

Harrison First

Announced today, producer and recording artist Harrison First launched $FIRST social money and $FIRST Generation club to become the first independent artist to use social money to bring his most active supporters to the new creative economy.

$FIRST will unlock new ways for fans to stay in touch with the artist and become more involved in his creativity process and music creation.

Harrison First is originally from Pennsauken New Jersey then shortly after graduating from Rowan University he moved to New York to further his music career working with artists such as Saint Jhn and Teflon Sega producing their first collaboration Beretta Lake, which is now at 11M streams on Spotify.

"I want my social currency and community to grow with me so when I go on tour people who own $FIRST can have access to my guest list, or when I put out an album my community can have access to it early, also I want people to share their input with me and be apart of my creative community."

“Being first is sometimes scary but it's better than being last”, Harrison added.

Currently, Harrison has built his own sound and community living in Stockholm Sweden and working closely with his music collaborator Angie.

Harrison FirstHarrison First partnered with Roll to unveil his $FIRST token. Established in 2019, Roll is an Ethereum-based protocol that allows content creators to control their own platforms using cryptocurrency’s native digital scarcity.

Join $FIRST club:

$FIRST Gen exclusive content club - $FIRST token holders only group.
$FIRST Generation - Fans of Harrison First group, announcements of upcoming drops and future releases.

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$FIRST Token

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