W3CR Synthesis – Cohort 1, Week 1

ForefrontW3CRJun 27, 2022

At Forefront, we want to build the scaffolding for emergent life. Our hope is that intentionally seeding joyful creation in our community will spark the caring relationships, vulnerability, communal learning, and experimentation that will shape the web3 world of tomorrow.

Our Web3 Creator Residency, or W3CR, is rooted in that mission, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. To no surprise, the first cohort of W3CR kicked off with a bang with three incredible creators: Allie, Alex, and Entes.

Let’s kick things off with some intros.

Alex Purdy
Residency Project: Preseason Training

Alex is an artist and music producer stretching beyond her current capabilities. Lately, she is spending more time in silence to hear her heart speak. From this place of inner knowing, she is producing her first album titled Preseason Training. It is an homage to her first love basketball and is about the training you do when no one is watching and the grieving process that comes with a life fully lived.

Residency Project: Play Library

Allie is an early childhood educator and play advocate who has been working with children from 0-8 for almost 20 years. For her Residency project, Allie is building Play Library, a toy library in her local community; the Web3 twist is that it will be built on-chain so that it’s community owned and governed. Allie’s interested in how communities can support more playful opportunities for all children, with a focus on how open-ended materials nurture creativity, curiosity, and engagement through the process of play.

Residency Project: Caras Latinas (“Latam Faces”)

Entes is a Peruvian graffiti artist painting on the streets since 1998, having visited around 53 cities around the world. His art is focused on the Afro-Peruvian and Latin American culture of which he is part. He sees web3 as an opportunity to put marginalized folks from around the world on the map and create new narratives that make the internet a more inclusive space, where new digital communities can emerge with projects that search more for human value, beyond the hype. For his Residency, Entes will be adding to his Latam Faces NFT collection; he’ll also launch a guerrilla campaign that will see the community taking to the streets with posters and stencils.

The week kicked off with our first Open Studio, where each of the resident creators shared their goals for the week and beyond. Allie got the ball rolling by sharing some thoughts from her Morning Pages, a stream-of-consciousness journal entry from just a few hours prior to recording. Thus far, she has been in the “loose parts play” stage of the creative process. She questions aloud how she will make the transition to a structured Residency that will ask her to commit to decisions and move forward.

“How do I keep seeing the potential after a piece has been put into place? Or, how do I find comfort with a decision and walk away from it to continue moving forward?,” she asks.

Her answer? An embrace of “playful decentralization.” Putting things out there, to the community, and trusting a loving and valuable response.

This philosophy came through in Allie’s first event, where she and folks on the Twitter Space discussed what came to mind when they thought of “play things.” Allie seeked not to define, but to probe the minds of the community members who were present. There was a focus on “open-ended materials” as the ultimate play things, opportunities to keep kids engaged without limiting their imaginations. In a way, this definition was embodied by the “playful decentralization” that Allie saw as core to the Residency.

This philosophy also came to light through the jam session that resident creators had on the soon-to-come Genesis W3CR NFT. For example, Entes offered to rap on music produced by Alex and Kabuki!

Another theme from this week’s sessions was a desire to get out of one’s comfort zone. Alex shared that her entire album was focused on “the grieving process that comes with a life fully lived” and “what you do when nobody is watching.” She shared that in her own Morning Pages, a lot of anger comes out and realizations come forward about how many things in her life are not making her happy. That reflection is key not just to her creative process, but to life at large.

On Friday, Entes took 2 photographs of FF members and painted them live with the audience on Riverside. He asked the members for their favorite colors to incorporate them into their portraits. Again, playful decentralization at its finest.

During the event, Entes discussed the strong correlation he feels between internet art and street art. He finds the web3 space is so wide open, without regulation. Street art and web3 travel the same path – very much based in reality, but with no barriers.

Entes’s Are.na board is full of peaks into his artistic philosophy. “I love all my mistakes I had fun” speaks to the core of community-driven collaboration, and is an exciting mentality to step into this world holding.

On the Open Studio, Allie shared that she was most excited about the W3CR for the opportunity to bring her work “out of the theoretical and into action.” Week 1 showed us just how powerful consistently engaging with a community could be in exploring and creating new work.

We’re excited to see what more is to come in the next three weeks of this cohort!

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