W3CR synthesis - week of 7/4 to 7/8

ForefrontW3CRJul 11, 2022

Creation is such a demanding process in part because the end result not only reflects the transformation gone through by the creator, but also the transformation the creator wishes to bring to the world. During Monday’s Open Studio, week three of the W3CR– the halfway point of the program– began with a meditation on this society-shifting responsibility with wisdom from adrienne maree brown: “The world, the values of the world, are shaped by the choices each of us make. Which means my thinking, my actions, my relationship and my life create a front line for the possibilities of the entire species. Each one of us is an individual practice ground for what the whole can or cannot do, will or will not do.” The creators responded by contemplating the broader implications of their work as mirrors for the shift they would like to see in today’s systems. “Over the last two weeks, I’ve noticed how much Play Library is a reflection of my hopes for the world and how I hope to live my life,” Allie mused. “The way that I spend time with the people I love, the way that I give love, the way that I receive love… That is maybe why I’ve waited so long to launch this. I used to think of it as ‘I’ll start a little business’ or ‘I’ll start a nonprofit,’ but it's so much more than that. It’s practicing these things in our real lives.”

One of the main practices explored through the Play Library project is gifting– an idea that is challenging to grapple with in the dominant culture because it runs counter to the myth of individualism. Returning to this idea, on Tuesday Allie’s IRL play library event involved packing play kits from her materials collection to distribute in Little Free Libraries in her neighborhood for the wider community to enjoy. The exploration was a response to the question of whether the Play Library could lead to measures of value that are more imaginative than currency.

Alex took us into her creative process on Thursday with a two hour long session where she produced “The Lights,” one of the songs from her upcoming project Preseason Training, live on Twitch. Before the beginning of the session, an intricate layering of 111 other tracks had already been laid down, and she began by diving into the outro of the song, which will later become the introduction to the rest of her album. The session was a peek into working through play, with Alex plugging away at her guitar, recording, playing it back and tweaking it again in a tireless process of perfecting the narrative of the song. As the stream progressed, she picked thirty second to one minute sections of her song apart as she added drums and perfected transitions. The session ended with Alex transitioning to another song, “Closer to the Sun,” to figure out the best transition: “Imagine live strings, tears pouring down your face, the culmination of everything– it all comes down to this, this final song. We’ve trained as much as we could.”

To close out the week, Allie explored integrating play into daily life with a pop up Play Date in a local park. She arrived with her play bricks ready to entertain kids and have an open discussion about the Play Library with parents. In her conversations, she talked to parents about what Play Libraries are, her experience in the Forefront Creator Residency. When introducing them to web3, many were surprised to learn that web3 extended beyond cryptocurrency, an indication that creative mediums further removed from finance could be a better way to explain the technology’s nuances.

As we enter the latter half of the residency, the creators will begin integrating their learnings from the past three weeks to further develop their projects. Interested in co-creating on a deeper level? Attend one of our W3CR events next week, which include a Play Library event on tokenizing membership with Allie, a deep dive behind the guerilla of Casas Latinas with Entes, another song production workshop with Alex, and more.

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