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Web3 Creator Residency | Open Studio #7

Monday, August 8th 2022

Episode Description

Forefront's Web3 Creator Residency has launched its 2nd cohort of Resident Creators:

  • Kabuki (Residency game plan)
  • Nico (Agartha Village Figma)
  • d3mo (yh⁴ project)

During the Residency, our Resident Creators will be workshopping their projects, learning and building in public, and sharing their challenges along the way. Each Monday, they'll gather for our weekly Open Studio.

The Creators recalled those special moments when a creation crosses the line from mere artifice to something with deeper life due to perhaps a subtle transformation.

Kabuki shared a musical analogy - applying reverb! The convolution reverb method involves going into a specific physical space, sweeping sound frequencies through this room and simulating the recorded sound in a virtual recreation of this room.

For d3mo, these moments are driven by subtle sound design, which ensures that the visual & and the musical component are not separate, but coherent.

Nico's sessions last week explored Permaculture as a "spiritual science." What does such a characterization mean to Nico and the other Resident Creators? What does the experience of "intuition" have to do with spiritual science?

Nico's sessions also inspired a jam sesh on the topic of Nature as an interconnected ecology. What is the analogy of this ecology in a Creator's life? What essential elements or factors must be present in the Resident Creators' "ecology" to enable them to create?

Kabuki stresses the need for limitations, structure and tradition to be present, while Nico emphasizes the need for freedom from these!


We have published the audio/video as originally recorded on the platform; please excuse any hiccups as we build in public!

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