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Community Hangout w/ Zakku from Coordinape

Friday, October 22nd 2021

Episode Description

Today we're stoked to bring you a Community Hangout with Zakku, co-founder of Coordinape.

Prior to entering the Web 3 space, Zakku was passionate about collaborating for impact & worked in operations sustainability for businesses such as Dell, Apple and Intel.

Zakku went on to found Converge to solve the riddle of forming IRL networks for collaboration.

Today, Zakku is the founder of Coordinape, ubiquitous in the DAO tooling landscape.

Coordinape decentralizes a DAO’s compensation strategy, allowing DAO members themselves to disperse rewards peer-to-peer.

Zakku recently joined Jihad on a Forefront Community Hangout. They dove into the relationship between gratitude and gifting, human coordination and tech, retroactive vs proactive compensation, and the use cases for Coordinape that surprised Zakku.

Enjoy this Community Hangout with Zakku.



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