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Community Roundup | Music NFTs, Worldcoin, EcoDAO, FB Rebrand

Wednesday, November 3rd 2021

Episode Description

New social tokens projects

  • Reddit’s building NFT platform
  • Sam Altman launches Worldcoin
  • Catalog Works - the Opensea of music NFTs
  • Bright Moments + Tyler Hobbs collab

New DAO tooling

  • Backdrop - Etherscan for on-chain work
  • Askmirror: search engine for Mirror
  • Clarity app - DAO knowledge management

DAO launches

  • ecodao_ - UBI for artists & planet
  • MUSE0DAO - internet-native museum


  • Tim Ferris & DAOs
  • Facebook rebrands as Meta


Reddit & NFTs


stackin.eth on Catalog Works

Bright Moments + Tyler Hobbs collab
NFTs & old art-world power structures:

Grateful Dead vintage tee auctioned off






Muse0 DAO

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