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Community Roundup | Mad Realities, $ENS airdrop & the Great Resignation

Thursday, November 11th 2021

Episode Description

Join Carolien & Alex Mexicotte as they dive into:

New social tokens tooling

  • Patreon flirts w/ creator coins
  • Nansen NFT Blue Chip Index

New social tokens projects****

  • Rally launches SuperLayer Labs & decentralization debate
  • Mad Realities, the “MTV of a new type of TV”
  • City Coins coming to NYC

New DAO launches

  • ENS epic air drop, DAO + call for delegates
  • DAO Masters onboarding the next mil to DAOs
  • Unnamed Fund imagining new futures for funding creative projects


  • The Great Resignation goes global
  • Verses & “Declaration of Interdependence of Cyberspace”

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