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Community Hangout | Catalog

Thursday, November 25th 2021

Episode Description

Welcome to the FF podcast. Today we're stoked to bring you a Community Hangout with Mike & Jeremy, co-founders of Catalog.

Catalog is building the foundational music NFT platform of Web3, empowering artists to mint rare 1 of 1 digital records and keep 100% of all future sales.

Mike and Jeremy recently joined Jihad on a Forefront Community Hangout to jam on

  • How Music NFTs cultivate both financial and social relationships between artist and fan,
  • How labels will evolve as web3 grows,
  • The rich continuum of fan-relationships that creators can build, with full-time fandom being only one option, and finally,
  • The Future of Catalog as the base layer for Music NFTs

Enjoy this community hangout with the founders of Catalog.


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