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Community Hangout | Madam Cult Leader - Web3 Baddies

Wednesday, December 8th 2021

Episode Description

Welcome to the FF podcast. Today we're stoked to bring you a Community Hangout with Madam Cult Leader (En), the Community Lead of Web3 Baddies.

Web3 Baddies is the hot girl metaverse and is on a mission to make web3 more diverse, inclusive and accessible.

En recently joined Jihad on a Forefront Community Hangout. They jammed about web3’s inherently social nature, which calls upon us to focus more on the ppl than the tech and also to be intentional about creating diverse, inclusive spaces.

And you won’t want to miss En’s thoughts near the end of this podcast, when they press for a new paradigm for the lifecycle of businesses and orgs, one that pivots away from scarcity and fear to embrace a dynamic of entities emerging and then dying, to make room for new initiatives that are more needed.


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