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▹ Team updates
▹ Forefront Tipping Economy Report
▹ Mirror $WRITE airdrop
▹ Rally Proposal to decentralize
▹ Superrare $RARE & DAO
▹ Audius x Tiktok Collab
▹ Visa Buys a Cryptopunk
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
Let’s get into it. 

Forefront Tipping Economy Report. For this months Data Bites series, Forefront community member @paulapivat explored to what extent $FF is being used to reward community participation through tips, and where we can improve. HOT REPORT

The Tipping Point to Interoperability in Web3. In yet another insightful piece, Forefront contributor Joey DeBruin digs into web3’s promise of interoperability, how it compares to the internet of the past, and what it means for users moving forward, all through the lens of Mirror. In additional to this fanstastic piece we will be hosting a hangout on the same topic this wed 9:30 PST live on our discord. TUNE IN

Mirror $WRITE Airdrop. Speaking of Mirror, the company recently opened up another path to receive $WRITE tokens. Rather than having to win the $WRITE Race, a $WRITE airdrop was conducted based on a variety of factors, including voting participation, NFT purchases, diversity of network, and more. CAN'T STOP! DON'T STOP

Rally Decentralization Plans. Social token startup Rally recently published a proposal to decentralize itself. The proposed roadmap would see the "creator coin" platform split up into a venture studio, a DAO, a Swiss non-profit and more. Learn more about the proposal and its implications in the rally gov forum. BIG STEP FORWARD

SuperRare announces $RARE. NFT platform SuperRare introduced $RARE and a detailed plan to decentralize, putting ownership into the hands of creators and curators across the world. Incredible job! And... LOOKS RARE

Audius x Tiktok Partnership. In one of the first major web2-web3 partnerships, crypto-music startup Audius recently announced a formal partnership with TikTok as the platform that will allow TikTok users to upload music to its Sound Kit in one click. MAJOR MOVE

OnlyFans is Banning Adult Explicit Content. The internet certainly has not ignored the irony of OnlyFans banning adult content from its platform. Meanwhile, the crypto world is jumping on the opportunity to build and promote web3-native ways for OnlyFans users to continue to build their businesses. WHO'S NEXT

RARA Social NFT Auctions. RARA recently launched an early prototype of an app allowing users to participate in a social “like-to-earn” crypto experience for NFTs. RAH RAH!

Visa Buys a CryptoPunk. Payment technology Visa enters the world of NFT "commerce" by copping a female CryptoPunk 7610 for $150K. "We felt that CryptoPunks would be a great addition to our collection of artifacts that can chart and celebrate the past, present, and future of commerce..." JPEGs GONE WILD 

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Jenil from Coinvise

Coinvise adds improvements to bulk airdrops for social tokens and rewards.

David from MintGate

This week was all about UX. We have launched a new website and added profile discovery and activity feeds to our app. Check it out here.

FF Team

The community is currently discussing the final details and implications of our Treasury Diversification proposal. Come share your feedback, comments and thoughts. Tuesday 9AM PST, We will be also hosting a session with potential contributors during our Tea Time call, Tune In!

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▹ Report - The other Internet Uniswap Research Report
▹ Tooling - Astrodrop Tokens/NFTs airdrop tooling
▹ DeFi - Avalanche $180M DeFi Incentive Program
▹ Techy - Miso 109k ETH Whitehack vulnerability
▹ Thread - Turning networks into economies

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