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▹ Team updates
▹ David Phelps on Social Tokens / DAOs
▹ Rally x UTA Partnership
▹ FWB x Zora Hackathon
▹ a16z on Crypto Governance
▹ The New Creator Economy by Nader Dabit
▹ BAYC going to Sotheby's + MAYC Drop
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
Let’s get into it. 

We’re (in) the Money. If you’re looking for a creative, insightful bull case for social tokens, look no further. David Phelps dives into the power of social tokens, DAOs as cults, and coordination at an internet scale. HOT TAKE

Rally x UTA Brand Partnership. Talent Agency UTA’s consulting division has partnered with social token platform Rally to connect “crypto-interested talent” to fans, a potentially large step toward tokenization reaching the mainstream. PROMISING COLLAB

FWB x Zora Hackathon. FWB and Zora kicked off a collab hackathon as an opportunity for their respective communities to come together and "build a brighter future." As usual, FWB is paving the way for DAO culture and collaborations. VIBES ON VIBES 

The New Creator Economy. Nader Dabit gives a whirlwind tour of some of the most exciting aspects of web3: DAOs, social tokens, ownership, and more. The piece is meant to serve as an introduction to the space, but also serves as a refuel of excitement for those who are in deep. A GREAT BREAKDOWN

A16z on Crypto Governance. This week, a16z published an in-depth piece explaining its process behind governance and token delegation. The report will hopefully be one of the first dominos to fall, ensuring other institutional investors in the space embrace increased transparency. VCs "NEW" PLAYBOOK

DNS Namespace Integration to ENS. DNS domains can now be natively integrated to ENS on Mainnet. Got a cool .com or .org that you’ve been holding onto? Bring it to the decentralized web! ON-CHAIN GANG

The Meme Economy by 1729. Harry Jones dives into how NFTs are simply the next wave of the "meme economy," built on mimetic desires and our lean toward signaling. This piece is a truly sweeping exploration of the topic. YUP 

The Next Generation VC Fund. This essay explores a very specific niche of DAOs that has gained notoriety in the past few months: investment DAOs. BitDAO, The LAO, YGG, and others are explored in this piece. TAKE NOTES

Bored Apes Legendary Drop. In typical Bored Apes fashion, the most recent drop of Mutant Apes sold out yesterday. The drop managed to expand the BAYC community while also serving as a spark for the financial growth of the project. Expect many other NFT projects to follow suit. 101/100 APE VIBES 🦧

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Jenil from Coinvise

This week we've added a performance boost for airdrop campaigns, automations & token rewards on Coinvise.

David from MintGate

Our creator profiles were updated this week. MintGate now shows all token gated links on its creator profiles along with NFTs. As a result, your profile can be turned into a hub for your community, a showcase of your content.

FF Team

This week we hosted another session of FF hangout with Joey DeBruin, Patrick Rivera and Jarod Dicker where we discuss Mirror, and interoperability in Web3. If you missed it, stay tuned for the recap video dropping later this week.

FF Treasury diversification Round proposal has passed with 99.5% of the votes. This proposal authorizes FF Treasury to exchange 1,000,000 FF tokens held in the DAO Treasury to strategic partners and community members for $2,000,000 USDC. The contribution phase is set to start early next week, join our discord to stay up to date about the next developments.

Rituals by BRT Moments
Minting tickets - Aug 30 / 9AM PT
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▹ NFT - Major Risks Of The Current NFT Ecosystem
▹ Drop - BAYC & BAKC on Sotheby’s
▹ New - BLVKHVND Season One
▹ Interesting - USV x Bright Moments DAO
▹ Opinion - How Large is the Market for NFTs?
▹ Learn - Auction House using ZORA
▹ Manifesto - Fashion & The Metaverse by BH
▹ Data - Gas Costs and Voter Participation
▹ DeFi - Sushi Miso 1M Bounty
▹ Techy - Mirror CTO Graeme on NounsDAO
▹ Thread - Kinjal Shah on Collector DAOs

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