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GM. Today marks a small but important milestone for us. It's our newsletters' one year anniversary.

For the past year we've been on a mission to curate the best projects and insights from across the social token landscape. One year later that mission is more important than ever, and we want to thank you for being part of FF journey, reading, contributing and spreading good vibes.

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In this edition:

▹ Team updates
▹ Dom Hofmann Launches Loot
▹ Li Jin featured on NYT
▹ Patrick Rivera on Community DAOs
▹ Rafathebuilder on "Quitting Web2"
▹ Crypto's Consumer Era by Kinjal Shah
▹ Worldbuilding w/ FWB via Zora Zine
▹ Lostpoets NFT Drop by Pak
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
Let’s get into it.

DAO Tooling x Social Cohesion. As DAOs continue to grow, tooling will become increasingly important for organizing, onboarding, management, and more. Forefront contributor Frederico explores the growing area, its challenges, and its future. INSIGHTFUL

Gimme the Loot. Loot is taking over the NFT world with new possibilities and derivatives every single day. This piece in The Verge +  "Gimme the Loot" by Kyle Russel offer arguably the best overview of the Loot ecosystem. If NFTs promise creator empowerment and composability, Loot rebuilds the system from the bottom-up: community first, everything else built on top. INTO HYPERVERSE

Li Jin's in NYT. Li Jin has become an absolutely critical pillar of the creator and crypto economies. From her childhood in Beijing to consumer investing at a16z to coining the “Passion Economy” and becoming the creator advocate, Li is paving the way for the future of work. To learn more, check out this awesome NYT profile. MUCH DESERVED

Community DAOs. Mirror team member Patrick Rivera conducted a fantastic deep dive of Community DAOs. Patrick hits on everything from how Community DAOs are formed, how community is engaged, and how you can get involved. If you’re looking for an introduction to the space, look no further! FANTASTIC READ

Crypto’s Consumer Era. The first 100M crypto users were onboarded by NFTs. The next 100M will be onboarded by consumer protocols and DAOs. From curation to P2E and more, Kinjal Shah explains why, how, and when the crypto x consumer wave is coming. ADOPTION CURVE

I’m Quitting Web2 (And So Should You). 2021 has seen an unprecedented influx of talent into crypto. Forefront contributor "Rafathebuilder" tells his story of how and why he left his job to go full-time web3. Expect many more stories like this one to come. QUITTING TIME ⏱

Twitch And Reddit Protests. #ADayOffTwitch and dozens of subreddit blackouts were organized separately, but together they show the potential power of collective action by users. As users continue to put the power into their own hands, the argument for web3 only becomes more pervasive. #ALIFETIMEOFFWEB2

JPEG The Jeweller. Bitmex founder Arthur Hayes weaves a tale and tutorial of navigating the world of NFTs - for "stonks" traders, by exploring some compelling use cases on NFT liquidity, mainly an NFT floor-prices derivative market. RAW 

Worldbuilding with FWB. In an interview with Zora, the FWB team digs deep into what it means to be building in web3. This is an incredibly thought-provoking interview around digital cities, digital-IRL integration, and more. THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS

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Jenil from Coinvise

This week we’re introducing Coinvise Learn for creators to understand how social tokens work, guidelines on how to use Coinvise & how to build a creator DAO.

David from MintGate

We have partnered with Unlock Protocol! You can now token gate your locks on Ethereum, xDai, and Polygon, and if a user does not have the NFT, we automatically redirect them to the Unlock UI. Check out the docs on how it works here.

FF Team

This week we hosted Raid Guild contributors on our weekly hangout, if you missed it here's the call notes. We also listed $RAID and $AGLD (Loot Project governance token) on Forefront Market.

Forefront in-house guilds have been busy. Writers guild published two pieces on mirror this week by @rafathebuilder and @fededaffina. Growth guild shipped its first servicing collab with blvkhvnd community. Culture guild has many proposals in the pipeline including Forefront first ever podcast. There is more in the works so starting next week we will be publishing a weekly digest on guilds latest. Stay tuned and join our discord to learn more on how to get involved.

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▹ Recap - Hangout on Web3 interoperability
▹ Read - DAOs...company or community?
▹ Opinion - Social Token Paradox
▹ NFT - NFT Drop Using $WRITE Race Oracle
▹ Listen - Cooopahtroopa on Coop Podcast
▹ Watch - PPLPleaser on PleasrDAO
▹ Update - FWB x Zora Hackathon Winners
▹ Drop - Lostpoets by Pak
▹ Interesting - FTX NFT Marketplace
▹ Soon - Sushi NFT Platform Shoyu
▹ Raises - Fingerprints x VCs Raise
▹ Tooling - Mirror Latest
▹ DeFi - SEC is investigating Uniswap Labs
▹ Techy - NFT floor perpetual by Paradigm
▹ Thread - Vishal Kankani on Why DAOs

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