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▹ Team updates
▹ Introducing Forefront Learn
▹ Social Tokens Tags Network Analysis
▹ Seed Club Accelerator Cohort 3
▹ BitClout Founder & Funding Round
▹ Coinvise on Tokenomics
▹ TimePieces NFT Collection by Time Magazine
▹ China's Crypto Ban
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
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Social Token Tags Network Analysis. In another entry in the Data Bites series, the Omni Analytics Group created and analyzed a graph of social token metadata based on tags and descriptions found on the Forefront Market. They find some fascinating relationships (and lack thereof) between various tokens based on utility, category, and more. READ ON

Seed Club Announces SC03. Our friends at Seed Club announce their third accelerator cohort this week! This fantastic list of projects will send you down a week-long rabbit hole of web3 art, sports, music, and so much more. Congrats to the Seed Club team and all of the SC03 participants! GMI

TIME Magazine's NFT collection. We’ve seen a huge wave of mainstream brands launching their own NFT collections. This week, TIME Magazine’s collection – TIMEPiece – sold out in one minute, an awesome feat by the publication. The collection contained art from over 40 artists. However, much of the NFT community pointed to bots as the reason, sparking a debate around the best way to handle popular NFT drops. OUT OF TIME? ⏱

BitClout Founder and New Funding Round. Wondering what’s new with BitClout since the hype earlier this year? Bitclout’s founder has officially come forward, announcing a $200M raise for a new decentralized social blockchain. Bitclout, he said, was the first experiment of the chain’s use-cases, with many more to come. INTERESTING...

Social Tokens and Creator-Centric Economies. This week, Rex Woodbury did a deep-dive on creator tokens and creator-centric economies. He explored the ways that social tokens let fans speculate on creator success, while enabling creators to earn across the internet, without having to rely on any particular platform. FRESH TAKE

Tokenomics for Community Tokens. Coinvise team member and Forefront contributor Eliot Couvat explores the tokenomics of community tokens —token design, distribution, and use-case management, all continuous and difficult issues for any token creator to solve. INSIGHTFUL

Twitter to Add Bitcoin Lightning Tips. Twitter announced that they are adding two new crypto-native features: Bitcoin Lightning tips and NFT profile picture authentication. The announcement sparked both excitement and controversy throughout crypto Twitter, questioning why Ethereum support was not also announced while expressing their bullishness on future NFT valuations. BIASED SPARKS 

China Widens Ban on Crypto Transactions. In market news, China banned all crypto transactions and vowed to ban mining nationwide. While the market took a hit after the news broke, many on crypto Twitter argued that the "China FUD" wasn’t new, and was to be expected given the country’s previous statements. ANOTHER ONE?

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Jenil from Coinvise

Coinvise adds support for adding your discord to your profiles & lockups for creating vesting schedules.

David from MintGate

NFT's utility is high. Token gated links are growing by 35% each week.

FF Team

The Forefront Writers Guild has been hard at work on a new series… FF Learn is a collection of original and curated resources set to to help you go 0 to 1 on topics such as social tokens, DAOs, and more. Course 1 is all about social tokens. Check it out and Let us know what you think!

Second edition of FF Wrapped is live, our weekly snapshot of what’s happening in the Forefront DAO. 

As always a lot of developments happening in our in-house guilds, join Forefront discord to learn more on how to get involved.

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