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▹ Team updates
▹ The Forefront Podcast Premiere
▹ Jad Esber on Web3 Reputation Framework
▹ Osinachi Upcoming Christie's Auction
▹ Guide to Crypto by Peter Yang
▹ FWB Launches WIP
▹ Tiktok NFTs on Immutable X
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
Let’s get into it.

Introducing The Forefront Podcast. The wait is over… we’ve officially launched the Forefront Podcast, courtesy of the Culture Guild. Check out Episode 1 with Caroline and Alex as they wrap up this week in crypto. Much more to come! "It's like if FF Newsletter and FF Daily had a baby!" - FF Member. SQUAD VIBES

A Novel Framework for Reputation-Based Systems. Jad Esber and Scott Kominers published this insightful piece on reputation-based systems and community tokenization. The duo differentiates between community “points” and “coins” in an attempt to explain how reputation might be separated from – yet related to – financialization of the community token. FANTASTIC READ

Composable Membership x Social Capital. Web3 has unlocked our ability to fractionalize our identities and brands across the internet and be truly platform agnostic. Andrew Hong explores how “composable membership” enabled by tokenization allows for creators and communities to engage across platforms, and for members of these communities to leverage their full selves across the web. SPOT ON INSIGHTFUL

The Curious Beginner's Guide to Crypto. Friend-of-Forefront and Reddit Product Lead Peter Yang wrote an awesome post detailing his recent exploration of crypto as a beginner. The essay is an excellent intro to the space and the various communities and tools that helped Peter along the way. BOOKMARK THIS

Osinachi goes to Christie’s. Osinachi — a Nigerian digital artist who has also created his own token called Osina — will be the first African artist to auction non-fungible tokens through Christie’s Europe and in collaboration with the 1-54 African art fair. CONGRATS LEGEND

Evolution of the FWB DAO PT II. FWB never stops evolving. FWB Mayor, Alex Zhang, dives into the rapid growth that the community has seen over the last few months and how the DAO is managing experiments with new contributor models, full-time staff, city sub-DAOs, and more. A COMMON PATTERN

FWB Launches Works in Progress (WIP). In other FWB news, the DAO recently launched Work in Progress: an editorial venture centered around crypto and culture. The publication will be free and public with no token-gate, and already features some incredible content! FF CO-SIGN ✍️

MiamiCoin has generated $7M. A few weeks ago, the city of Miami launched MiamiCoin. This week, the city’s mayor announced that MiamiCoin has generated over $7 million for the city. While the experiment is still very much up in the air, the signs are promising for city tokens to continue to develop in the future. INTERESTING

TikTok NFTs on Immutable X. TikTok is rolling out “TikTok Moments,” an NFT collection of platform native-content and videos. Pop artist Lil Nas X will be the first to mint NFTs for the collection alongside artist Rudy Willingham. The sale will occur on October 6th. JPEGs DED YET?

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Jenil from Coinvise

We’re releasing our Manifesto this week -- going over core values & mission at Coinvise.

David from MintGate

We have just launched a new feature: you can create an NFT storefront on your own domain with tokenized content!

Now you can create your own NFT marketplace and community hub as a brand or creator using our no-code solution. Here is how to get started.

FF Team

This week, FF DAO passed its first Full-Time and Part-Time Contributors Onboarding proposal! Congrats to Carlos, Caroline, Jihad, Andy, Joey, and Jay for taking the lunge and making a bet on the FF community. We're stoked to see where the future takes us!

As always a lot of developments happening in our in-house guilds, check out this weeks FF Wrapped for more.

Different Shades of Water by Osinachi
Live Oct 5th - 19th
Monarchs by Eric Hu
Mint on Oct 7th - 0.8ETH

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▹ Release - Mirror Crowdfund Tool
▹ Raise - Roll announce a $10M Series A
▹ DeFi - Compound COMP Issue
▹ Techy - Introducing Manifold Studio
▹ Tooling - $WRITE RACE: Quadratic Voting
▹ Data - Delphi Digital on NFT collections
▹ Thread - Punk 6529 on NFTs

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