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▹ Team updates
▹ Why NYT Should be Tokenized by Joey DeBruin
▹ How to DAO from Day 1 via FF Learn
▹ $DAMN by Gaby Goldberg & Kiran Cherukuri
▹ Orca Protocol on Pods
▹ FWB Fellowships
▹ Natively Digital by Sotheby's
▹ Zora Revamped - Sell Any NFT w/ 0% Fees
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
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Why the NYT Should be Tokenized. Forefront Core Contributor Joey DeBruin does it again with his follow-up to "All SaaS Should be Tokenized." This essay explores how the NYT might shift its business model toward tokenization, and why the consumer upside and UX benefits make this a great choice for media companies at large. FRESH (HOT) TAKE

$DAMN by Gaby Goldberg & Kiran Cherukuri. First came DAOs, now come DAMNs. Kiran and Gaby raised 25 ETH for the first decentralized autonomous media network. A DAMN is partially defined by its minimal governance and mandate: create and distribute media. While Kiran is working on a protocol designed specifically for this purpose, DAMN serves as a great experiment and playbook for the future. HOT DAMN

Governance as a Source of Value. Sam McCarthy of Boardroom explores why governance is a valuable utility, partially driving a token’s price. Additionally, the author explores an idea he calls "governance premium," a metric isolating and measuring the governance power of a token. MINIMUM VIABLE ROUTE 🛣

FWB Fellowships. In another effort to increase FWB’s accessibility to creatives everywhere, the DAO launched FWB Fellowships, "a program promoting access for exceptional creatives into our community, awarded on the basis of merit, need, and representation." The program will award token grants to ~20 new FWB members per season. WAGMI 🤝

How to DAO from Day 1. Forefront Learn aims to be the go-to spot to learn about DAOs and Social Tokens. In this installment, Jack Fancy from Protein Community presents a practical guide for learning about and getting involved in a DAO by lurking, contributing, and more! LEARNING STACK

The DAOnfall of Token Voting. When you hear Orca, you should think of Pods. In this piece, the Orca team explores the downfalls of DAO governance today, driven in large part by token-based voting. They propose Pods, “small working groups, usually centered around one expertise,” as a potential solution. SQUAD MOVES 

Dapper Labs acquires Brud. Dapper Labs recently announced its acquisition of Brud, the creative team behind Lil Miquela that includes FWB founder, Trevor McFedries. The acquisition is yet another move into metaverse by Dapper Labs. Congratulations to the team! MAINSTREAM DAO-VIBES 

Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors by Sotheby's. Sotheby’s announced its second NFT sale: The Collectors. The sale will include 53 NFTs from 19 collectors, including Whaleshark, FingerprintsDAO, PleasrDAO, j1mmyeth and many more. PROBABLY NOTHING

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Jenil from Coinvise

We’re excited to add support for ETH, MATIC, DAI & USDC support to airdrops & quest creation. This enables payouts in stablecoins or native currencies for quests, bulk payouts for core community members through airdrops & more.

We’re also hosting Global Coin Research’s 6-month anniversary this week, learn more on gcr.community & tiny.cc/coinvise.

David from MintGate

The NFT Storefront went live this week, featuring the following features:
- Storefront via your own domain
- 20+ themes and styles
- Minting permissions (only you or allow specific users to mint)
- Zero gas fee minting on Ethereum powered by the Rarible Protocol
- Native unlockable content upload

FF Team

You can now track Fan Tokens and Trending NFT Collections on Forefront Market. Plus dark mode is now live.

FF Season one is ending this month, expect a series of updates on whats next, the off-Season and Season 2 plans. Forefront is evolving everyday, we are excited to have you joining us on this journey.

As always a lot of developments happening in our in-house guilds, check out this weeks FF Wrapped for more.

Different Shades of Water by Osinachi
Oct 5th - 19th
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