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▹ Team updates
▹ FF Podcast Roundup - EP - 03
▹ FWB Season Four: Locals Only
▹ Osinachi & $OSINA at Christie's
▹ Jacob Phillips w/ Governance Mining
▹ Nathan Schneider on Blockchain Governance
▹ CryptoPunk #6046 2500 ETH Offer
▹ SEC Approves Bitcoin ETF
▹ FF Social Token Tracker
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
Let’s get into it.

FF Podcast Community Roundup |  EP - 03. Forefront Podcast is on a roll! This week's Community Roundup features David Phelps’s definition of "social tokens," Radicle Funding's Community NFT, Orca Protocol & Pods, DAMN (Decentralized Autonomous Media Organizations), ScribeDAO, and more. FRESH OFF THE BEATS 🎧

The Next Big Unlock for DAOs. DAOs as decentralized economic engines are the next big unlock for DAOs, according to BanklessDAO’s Frogmonkee. DAOs enable decentralized capital flows both internally and externally, allowing for emergent economies at the organizational level that align with community strategy. INSIGHTFUL 📌

FWB Announces Season Four: Locals Only. FWB is doubling down on the locals. In addition to formally announcing Cities, new Events, and Fellowships, the DAO announced a new token threshold (5 $FWB) will be needed to attend events and participate in City DAOs. IRL SQUAD 👯‍♀️

Osinachi & $OSINA at Christie’s. Social tokens seem to be breaking new boundaries every day. This week, NFT artist Osinachi became the first person to use social tokens during a Christie’s auction. $OSINA is breaking new ground, but expect much more to come at the intersection of Social Tokens x NFTs. MAJOR MOVE 🔥

Governance Mining — Liquidity Mining for Human Capital. We’ve heard of liquidity mining, but how about governance mining. Governance mining is a term coined by Jacob Phillips to explain a potential method of incentivizing labors in DAOs. In other words, it’s the idea that DAOs should be paying members to participate in governance, complete tasks, and more. PARADIGM SHIFT 🔮

Nathan Schneider on Future of Blockchain Governance. Nathan Schneider never fails to bring necessary perspectives to the world of crypto. This essay is no exception. Schneider explores the future, opportunity, and limitations of crypto governance. While impressed by the experimentation happening in the space, Schneider argues that we must maintain a focus on ensuring accountability to participants of the networks, not just the investors. This essay was also funded in-part by FF through Ghost Knowledge. TAKE NOTES ✍️

SEC Approves Bitcoin ETF. The SEC officially approved the first Bitcoin ETF, which will begin trading this week. Rather than tracking the price of Bitcoin directly, the ETF will track Bitcoin futures. Gary Gensler believes this will offer more investor protection given the regulations around futures. ABOUT TIME ⌛️

CryptoPunk #6046 2500 ETH Offer. After tweeting that he wouldn’t sell his CryptoPunk for even $1 Billion, Richerd received an offer for 2500 ETH, which would make it the largest Punk sale of all-time. In this thread, he explains why he rejected the offer, what it means for an NFT to build its own reputation through its holder, and more. WORTH THE FLEX? 👀

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Jenil from Coinvise

Coinvise adds support for minting tokens directly to a Gnosis SAFE.

David from MintGate

Mint your NFTs on your own smart contract - that you completely own! Go to Settings - Optional Step - Add your collection name, symbol, and deploy.

FF Team

FF Season one is ending this week. Throughout the season, our community was in the weeds of dozens of projects, initiatives, and discoveries. Expect a recap post and our plans for off-season and season 2 soon. 

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Different Shades of Water by Osinachi
Ending Oct 19th
Incomplete Control by Tyler Hobbs
IRL Minting - 100 Mints
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