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▹ Team updates
▹ FF Season One Recap & Off-Season
▹ How to DAO 301 by Rafathebuilder
▹ PleasrDAO $4M Wu-Tang Clan Album
▹ FF Social Token Mid Year Report
▹ Ecodao by David Phelps
▹ Open Source Culture by Cooper Midroni
▹ How to Get Paid by DAOs by Lucas Campbell
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
Let’s get into it.

FF Learn Course 2 & FWB Case Study. FF Learn is back with another drop. This time, check out the “Social Token Landscape” featuring top projects, tools, and a comprehensive FWB case study! We’re excited to continue to push the envelope on FF Learn heading into Season 2. LEARNING TIME 🤓

FF Social Token Mid Year Report. In July, Cooper Turley x FF collabed on a "Social Token Refresh," a follow-up to the 2020 Social Token Year in Review. This week, we dropped our Social Token Mid-Year Report, a pocket-sized numbers edition of the Refresh and Review! (RE)FRESH REPORT  

How to DAO 301 - Contributor Rewards. Forefront contributor Rafathebuilder wrote an incredible piece on Contributor Rewards this week for CabinDAO. This is possibly the most comprehensive exploration of DAO compensation written to-date. Rafa explores each idea through the lens of CabinDAO to demonstrate their unique approach. INSIGHTFUL

PleasrDAO Pays $4m for Wu-Tang Clan Album. Remember when Martin Shkreli bought that Wu-Tang Clan’s unreleased album and everyone thought things couldn’t get any weirder? Well, how about PleasrDAO buying that same album. The DAO paid $4M for the album, marking yet another landmark moment for the world of DAOs. PRICELESS

Rally $12M Developer Fund. Rally, known for being the home to non-crypto native communities, announced this week that they have earmarked $12 million worth of $RLY tokens for external developers to improve the Rally platform "in ways that will benefit creators and fans alike". KUDOS  

How to Get Paid by DAOs. BanklessDAO ships, but they also pay. Lucas Campbell from BanklessDAO explores the various roles DAO contributors might take to get paid, and the methods through which compensation is allocated: projects, bounties, base allocations, etc. A comprehensive and insightful piece that complements Rafa’s piece above. MUST READ 🤓

Ecodao by David Phelps. Every week there are new and creative DAO experiments. This week, David Phelps launched Ecodao, “an artists collective and web3 gallery, ecodao promotes nft artists, with proceeds going to artists, ecology, and the dao—while offering collectors exclusive parties and events.” Offering alternate funding mechanisms for artists while also supporting public goods is a no-brainer, and David and the team pulled it off elegantly. MINTY

Why We Need More Boutique Search Engines. Sari Azout begins this essay with a provocation: it is no longer enough to try to organize the world’s information. Rather, we must organize the world’s trustworthy information. She argues that curation must focus on getting people the information they need when they need it rather than on endless streams of content. CONTEXTUAL VIBEZ

Open Source Culture. Cooper Midroni does a deep-dive into web3 communities’ "open source culture." He explains how bottom-up communities are “perpetual culture machines,” which will give rise to biggest cultural movements and brands in the future. PREACH

FF DAOlloween Party. High gas fees?! Zuck making his own metaverse?! Eye-scanning orbs?! The future of Web3 may look scary with possible monsters entering the space, but together, WAGMI. Join us this October 29 for a fright fest like no other.! RESERVE YOUR SPOT 

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Jenil from Coinvise

We’re introducing Creator’s Corner -- A place for Coinvise Creators to set up their own token-gated space within our Discord enabling them to setup quests & onboard contributors from our existing community.

David from MintGate

Our team has been working on improving our users' experience with two major updates:
- New Storefront Designs! We’ve come up with more NFT profile/storefront designs to enable a more visually appealing experience.
- Previews of your Gated videos and PDF links. Once you upload your gated videos or PDF links, you can preview them before minting!

FF Team

Forefront Season One is coming to a close. With that, the Off-Season will begin as a time of reflection, recovery, and reimagination of the Forefront DAO. We’ll still be shipping, but with a renewed focus on making sure we’re prepared to make Season 2 the best DAO experience ever. 

Off-Season will officially starts October 28th and run for a period of 5 weeks, be on the lookout in the our Discord, newsletter, and forum for meeting dates!

Check out the full post to learn more about the recap and season 2 plans.

DAOlloween Party by Forefront
Oct 29 - 30
DAOPunks Minting Event
Drop date TBD

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▹ Opinion - What Is It Like to Join a DAO?
▹ Listen - Coordinape Zakku of FF Pod
▹ Interesting - Coinbase Partners w/ NBA
▹ Events - FWB NYC NFT Party
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▹ Cool - Andrew Yang x Bankless DAO
▹ New - Gitcoin Decentralized Grants
▹ Resources - Royalty Registry by Manifold
▹ Web2 - Facebook New Name
▹ Thread - Wallet Security Best Practices
▹ Tooling - WTF Bot Web3 glossary bot
▹ Techy - Zora Docs for Developers

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