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▹ Team updates
▹ Tarun Chitra on DAOs
▹ Kevin Roose on NFTs & Web3
▹ Vice on Mirror Platform
▹ State of the DAO by BanklessDAO
▹ ENS DAO: Call for Delegates
▹ Gather on Metaverse
▹ Matthew Ball x FWB DROP

▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
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Forefront Social Token Index - First Steps. FF has been exploring what a Social Token Index might look like. This post explains our methodology, initial steps, and gameplan moving forward. Forefront has always been focused on curation at its core, and this seems like a natural evolution of our mission. Let us know if you’re interested in supporting the project! TIME's NOW

Building and Running a DAO: Why Governance Matters. It might seem obvious to some, but governance is underrated. Rather than talking about “How to DAO” as we’ve done in the past here at Forefront, this piece explores why DAOs might be important given the financial and coordination needs of the community. Recognizing that DAOs are the “Wild West,” this piece goes deep into linking the philosophical with the tactical. FRESH TAKE 

State Of The DAO by BanklessDAO. BanklessDAO dropped this awesome report of where DAOs are today and just how far we’ve come. Highlighting some content from Forefront (and some friends-of-Forefront), Bankless covers everything from DAO Origins, Evolutions, and the Road Ahead. From DAO legal structures to digital city planning, we have a long ways to go with DAOs. SUPER INSIGHTFUL

Crypto Is Cool. Now Get on the Yacht. Crypto in the NYT. Kevin Roose dives into NFT NYC, covering everything from BAYC to the FWB party and so much more. While skeptical at times (often rightfully so) of the true value of party-driven tokenomics, the piece is an interesting peek into the culture of web3, tokenized communities, and NFTs. VIBES FLEX

Vice on Mirror and “The Future of Media”. VICE covers Mirror in this essay on web3 and the “crypto-based popularity contest.” While they’re referring to the $WRITE Race, the piece explores how such dynamics are permeating throughout web3 at-large. Regardless of your thoughts, it is definitely a great piece to keep your biases in check and a reminder that web3 will not be positive unless we make it so. ESCAPE PLAN 

A bridge between DAO Treasuries and fiat debit cards. This essay is a proposal to create a formal bridge between USDC and the Banking System that will allow for DAO Treasuries to have their own debit cards. While the technical details are sparse (they’ll be covered in part 2), this piece explains why such a tool might be useful, a brief explanation of how it might work, and where we go from here. Practical tooling for DAOs is absolutely necessary, and this would be a huge step! DAOS <> IRL LEGO(S) 🧭

Why the Metaverse Matters by Gather. Gather is an Metaverse OG. College students used Gather.Town as a way to meet during the pandemic, friends used it to play games and chat casually, and now DAOs are using it for meetings and actual work. The team here explains why they think the Metaverse is so important, their design principles (which are very much in-line with the web3 ethos), and how they plan to move forward. GREAT READ

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Jenil from Coinvise

Coinvise is opening up linear vesting for all creators. This enables a secure way to setup a cliff and vesting schedule for core community members on the Coinvise Dashboard.

David from MintGate

Users can now update their storefront details, layouts, and NFT card styles to match their own branding with the new theme editor added this week.

FF Team

We’re excited to announce we’ve applied to become an ENS delegate. ENS is working to build a truly decentralized global identity platform, our mission at Forefront is to provide the port of entry to web3 for all of those people who choose to participate in it.

For more info, check out the linked thread and this fantastic guide from friend-of-Forefront alisha.eth on how to do claim your airdrop and delegate!

As always a lot of developments happening in our in-house guilds, check out this weeks FF Wrapped for more.

Matthew Ball's x FWB Original Metaverse Essay
Mad Realities Crowdfund
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