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▹ Team updates
▹ FF Digital Economy Canon - Top Newsletters
▹ AccelCap w/ Treasury Diversification Round Guide
▹ Poolside $2m Exclusive NFT Drop
▹ Cross-chain Token Gating by Guild/xyz
▹ Clone X Drop by RTFKT
▹ ... much more

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Forefront Digital Economy Canon - Top 10 Newsletters. The Digital Economy Canon is back with the Top 10 Newsletters! We gathered a list of the best newsletters in web3 for the community to further curate their order. Congrats to Cup of NFT, Forefront, and The Daily Ape for coming in the top 3! NEXT SESSION 🚀

A Guide to DAO Treasury Diversification. AccelCap, a member of 1kx’s team, wrote an awesome thread on treasury diversification featuring Forefront and Index Coop. They argue for community consensus, careful consideration of vesting terms, and choosing partners wisely. Too much diversification, however, can become problematic if no one party feels particularly responsible for the wellbeing of the DAO. MUST READ 🔥

Pool Together Research Report by Other Internet. Other Internet reports are always a must-read. The team conducted a formal report on "PoolTogether's off-chain governance and social architecture, with a focus on its Discord and governance forum." Of particular note is the focus on how PoolTogether created such a welcoming and “wholesome” community whose culture has persisted over time. SUPER INSIGHTFUL 🔬

Cross-chain Token Gating. Guild.xyz, the token-gating tool by Agora Space that has caught fire throughout the crypto community, has enabled cross-chain token gating. This is a huge development allowing for further collaboration between communities from different chains. POWERFUL 🎯

Poolside Raises $2m via NFT Membership Drop. Poolsuite, the internet-native "ultra-summer music player," raised $2M through NFT sales off of 2500 editions sold. The team says: "with $2m in the corporate slush fund & a formidable force of newly minted executives, we're about to build the wildest tech company this world has ever seen." SMOOTH TRANSITION 💳

Tokenized Communities On-chain Data Report. Andrew Hong dives into a few key on-chain data insights: token activity, liquidity, and membership. Through an analysis of a few key social token communities, Hong develops an interesting methodology for analyzing token and community health through who is selling and when, where liquidity is held, and much more. GEMZ 📊

ConstitutionDAO is Coming to an End. The ConstitutionDAO team has decided to sunset the organization after losing the Sotheby’s auction. While the DAO attempted to explore new ways to use the funds, they ultimately decided to shut down the DAO and allow for token refunds. In the meanwhile the DAO's token $PEOPLE is live and well, reaching ath post being listing on several exchanges. HYPE || MIMETIC POWER 👀

RTFKT Studios Clone X Drop. Clone X from RTFKT Studios drops today (29 - 2pm PT) and the project is worth exploring if only for the intentional design process. From anti-rarity sniping methodology to a script to avoid “dupes,” the team has paid very good attention to detail. GOOD LUCK 💊

Social Tokens Index Fact Sheets - Index Coop Proposal

Jenil from Coinvise

We’re excited to introduce onboarding guides and tutorials for communities to understand how to use Coinvise with sample case-studies from existing creators.

David from MintGate

We are rolling out MintGate v2 in phases. The first phase just rolled out this weekend:
- New splash page on Mintgate
- New admin dashboard
- Each profile gets its own subdomain [user].mintgate.io (\w option for custom domains)

FF Team

This week we launched the 2nd session of the Digital Economy Canon featuring the best Web3 newsletters in the space, if you missed make sure you check it our here. 

The Off Season continues this week with Wellness Sessions! Self-care is always a priority, so join us throughout the week for breathing and yoga sessions.

For more updates read this weeks FF Wrapped.

Clone X by RTFKT
Nov 29 - 2PM PT
The Signature by Simon de la Rouviere
Live Minting

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▹ Interesting - SuperRare Tipping
▹ Cool - $SWIM Partybid by @ChadTeam6
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▹ Techy - Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Blockchain Size
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